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Legacy Orthodontics is here to help you create a beautiful smile that lasts. Feel more confident with a brand new smile that fits you perfectly.

Orthodontic Treatment

Treatment Available For All Ages

Early Orthodontics Treatment For Kids

Early Treatment

It's never too early to start building the foundation for your child's future dental health.

Treatment For Kids

Treatment For Teens

Increase your teen's confidence with a brilliant smile while taking care of their oral health.

Treatment For Teens
Orthodontic Treatment For Adults

Treatment For Adults

Ready to take the big first step to create a brand new smile for yourself?

Treatment For Adults

Flexible Payments

Experience flexibility in how you finance your orthodontics services with our flexible payment plans.

No Hidden Fees

We believe in price transparency for all of our services. You won't face hidden fees down the road.

Virtual Consultation

We're a technology-forward office. Meet with us virtually for ultimate convenience.


Why Choose My Legacy Orthodontics

No Referrals Needed

Ready to get started? Contact our team at Legacy Orthodontics to book your initial consultation.

Getting orthodontic treatment shouldn't be a hassle, and our team at Legacy Orthodontics is here to help make this process as simple and straightforward as possible. Our office is focused on providing quality care for all of our patients with unmatched ease and accessibility with our online appointments and flexible financing plans. Make an appointment with our board-certified orthodontists today.

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Board Certified Orthodontists

All of our orthodontists have taken the time to become board-certified, so you can always trust in our experience.

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We Offer Convenient Virtual Check-Ins

Not able to make it down to the office for your check-up? Not a problem, we can meet with you virtually!

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Complimentary Virtual Consultation

We're happy to meet new clients virtually and offer you a no-obligation consultation online for your convenience.

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Direct Billing? Not a Problem

Have dental insurance that covers orthodontic work? We can directly bill your insurance provider, so you don't have to worry about it!


Why Choose Invisalign?

Want to correct your smile without the look of braces? Invisalign is a perfect choice for those that might be self-conscious about braces. With Invisalign, we create custom clear trays to address each patient's specific orthodontic needs. Typically, Invisalign patients need to come into our office less often than if they had braces, saving you time in the long run. Ready to get started with Invisalign?

Why Choose Invisalign


Why Choose Braces?

When getting orthodontic work done, it's essential to pick the right treatment course to achieve the best results. If you're not sure which is better for your specific case, make sure to book a virtual consultation with us today.

Why Choose Braces


Zero Interest

Get started today with our interest-free payment plans. We're here to offer accessible orthodontic care.


No Down Payments

When you start orthodontic care with us, you don't have to worry about having a down payment.

No Credit Checks Needed

No Credit Checks

We do not conduct credit checks for our payment plans, so access our orthodontic care worry-free today.

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