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Basics Of Orthodontics treatment

What is orthodontic treatment?

The Basics Of Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a dental specialty that deals with preventing and correcting malpositioned teeth and jaws. By correcting the position of your teeth and jaw, we can help you improve your oral health and improve your smile's overall look.

Correcting Your Smile

Braces and Invisalign can help correct your teeth to help you get a brilliant and beautiful smile that will last. We are here to help you improve your overall dental health while also getting the smile you've always wanted.

Why Choose An Orthodontist?

While many dentists also offer Invisalign, it's important to seek out an orthodontist. We specialize in the correction of the position of teeth and jaws, and we have more day-to-day experience with orthodontic treatment.

Getting the right treatment

Why treatment is important

Getting The Right Treatment

Everyone's mouth is different, which means that all of our treatment plans are customized to the needs of each patient. We're here to make sure all of our patients get the right treatment.

Treatment Solution That Fits You

During our initial virtual consultation and your first visit to our office, we will determine the best treatment plan. We use X-rays and dental images to assess what needs to be done to fix your bite and the positions of your teeth.

Get Expert Orthodontic Advice

All of our orthodontists are board-certified, which means you can trust in their expert advice and experience. We specialize in braces and Invisalign and can help you achieve the best possible result.

Treatment Options

Different Types Of Treatment Options

Our Edmonton orthodontic office is here to offer you different treatment options, including braces and Invisalign. We’ll explain the benefits and drawbacks of each course of treatment, along with why we’re recommending a certain path to help you achieve the best possible results.

There are many different pros and cons to choosing braces or Invisalign, and our top priority is educating our patients so they can understand their choices. While you may want Invisalign so you can correct your teeth without the look of braces, sometimes it might not be the best choice, and our team is here to help you understand exactly why we might be recommending braces instead. Have questions? Book your virtual consultation today.


Traditional Metal Braces
Clear Or Ceramic Braces

When you think about orthodontics, you probably picture metal braces. Our office also uses ceramic and clear braces and can help you pick the right choice for your treatment. Learn more about the pros and cons of braces below.

Pros Of Choosing Braces

Prevention or interception of critical problems

Can Choose From Metal & Clear Ceramic Brackets

Improving confidence

Customizable Brackets With Colourful Rubber Bands

Helps prevent cavities

Suitable For All Ages

Helps correct harmful oral habits

Not Removable To Ensure Consistent Progress

Guides and creates more room for adult teeth

Suitable For All Treatment Needs

Cons Of Choosing Braces

More frequent visits

More Frequent Visits

Pain and soreness

Pain & Soreness

Food restrictions

Food Restrictions


Clear Retainers

Invisalign is the perfect choice if you are self-conscious about the idea of having visible braces. With clear retainer trays, all you have to worry about is wearing them and removing them when it's time to eat. There are many advantages to Invisalign, including spending less time in our office!

Pros Of Choosing Invisalign





Less frequent office visits

Less Frequent Office Visits

Suitable for all ages

Suitable For All Ages

Ability to eat what you want

Ability To Eat What You Want

Easier to clean

Easier To Clean

More comfortable

More Comfortable

Cons Of Choosing Invisalign

More frequent visits

Requires Compliance

Pain and soreness.

Removal Of Invisalign If You Are A Frequent Snacker

Early Orthodontic Treatment For Kids

Kids Dental Care

Start building the foundations for your child's future dental health with pediatric orthodontics.

Treatment For Kids
Orthodontic Treatment For Teens

Orthodontics For Teens

Increase your teen's confidence with a brilliant smile and take care of their oral health here.

Treatment For Teens
Orthodontic Treatment For Adults

Treatment For Adults

Ready to take the big first step to create a brand new smile for yourself?

Treatment For Adults

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    Pricing & Financing

    Cost Of Orthodontics

    At Legacy Orthodontics, we aim to make orthodontic care accessible to everyone. We don't want the cost of treatment to be a barrier to getting the smile you've always wanted. That's why we offer flexible payment plans with zero percent interest rates and no credit checks. Get the smile you've always wanted today and book your virtual consultation.


    No Interest Payment Plans

    Get started today with our interest-free payment plans. We're here to offer accessible orthodontic care.


    No Down Payments

    When you start orthodontic care with us, you don't have to worry about having a down payment.

    No Credit Checks Needed

    No Credit Checks

    We do not conduct credit checks for our payment plans, so access our orthodontic care worry-free.

    Direct Billing Options

    Have dental insurance coverage? We can help with direct billing to most major insurance companies for your convenience.

    In-House Financing Options

    In-House Financing Options

    Our office has different payment plans that we handle in-house so that you can access flexible financing.

    Low Monthly Payments

    Low Monthly Payments

    Experience low monthly fees when you choose Legacy Orthodontics for accessible orthodontic care.

    Personal Tax Deducable

    Personal Tax Deductible

    Your orthodontic treatment can be tax-deductible, allowing you to get the most financial benefits out of getting braces or Invisalign.



    Have dental coverage? We can help pre-determine what costs you'll be responsible for during your orthodontic treatment.

    Average Duration

    Treatment Duration

    The length of your orthodontic treatment depends largely on your treatment plan and exactly what we're correcting, alongwith what treatment option you end up choosing. See the average treatment duration below.

    Mild Crowding

    Mild crowding can affect how your permanent teeth come in, and cause other issues with your bite.

    9 - 12


    braces pros

    Healthier Bite

    braces pros

    Fixed Teeth Alignment

    braces pros

    Brand New & Beautiful Smile

    Moderate Crowding, Big Overbite

    Do you have a big overbite and other issues including crowding? We can help fix that for a better smile and bite.

    12 - 18


    braces pros

    Healthier Bite

    braces pros

    Fixed Teeth Alignment

    braces pros

    Brand New & Beautiful Smile

    Severe Crowding & Jaw Size Discrepancies

    Having severe crowding and a jaw that can't accommodate your teeth can cause many oral health issues. We can help with this!



    braces pros

    Healthier Bite

    braces pros

    Fixed Teeth Alignment

    braces pros

    Brand New & Beautiful Smile

    Surgical Or Impacted Teeth

    Let our team help you with your impacted teeth, we'll devise the right treatment plan to help you get the smile you've always wanted.

    24 - 36


    braces pros

    Healthier Bite

    braces pros

    Fixed Teeth Alignment

    braces pros

    Brand New & Beautiful Smile

    Common Treatable Conditions

    Common Conditions

    Our team and board-certified orthodontists are experienced in treating many common orthodontic conditions. Whether you need to deal with open bites, deep bites, underbites, overbites, a narrow upper jaw from thumb sucking, or mild to severe crowding, we can help.

    Common Treatable Conditions